Our company produces climbing equipment, holds and other souvenirs. All products can be viewed on our website.

We mainly produce climbing holds, we are constantly striving to improve the quality of the holds, and with every sales proceeds, we improve our products and manufacturing process.

In the case of buying a large number of leads, we will give you a discount: from 100 to 200 pieces - 5%; from 200 to 500 pieces -10%; from 500 to 800 pieces - 18%; from 800 to 1200 pieces - 22%; 1200 pieces and more than 25%.

In addition to holds, our company also produces other climbing equipment - exercise equipment, T-shirts, bags for magnesia and much more. To purchase, you can contact us by phone or email. Within Tbilisi within a radius of 2 kilometers, delivery is free, over 2 kilometers - 25 GEL. Delivery to the regions is not carried out and the customer must take care of this himself.

We also provide other services, such as the construction of climbing walls, high-altitude work, services of high-altitude guides and much more. A list of all services can be viewed on our website